We are finished with Pruning!!

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We finished pruning 15,000 vines today!  It took almost 2 months but we are now ready to start tying the vines to the wires.  Andrew gathered all of the cuttings from the rows (17 miles in total ) and burned them.

We are anticipating an early bud-break due to the incredibly warm winter.  Last year the first bud-break in the Viognier was March 25th.  This year it will be about 2 weeks earlier.  Hopefully the nights will remain warm so that we can avoid frost damage.  I am so happy that we have a frost fan!

There is still lots of work to do in the vineyard.  We  are assessing and charting problem vines, checking irrigation lines and adding gypsum to the Counoise block.  There are several gophers that have decided to build burrows.  Hopefully our owls will return this spring to nest in our owl boxes.  They love to feed gopher sandwiches to their young!

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