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Our Process

One of the oldest sayings in viticulture is that “80% of the wine is grown in the field.”  It recognizes that to make great wine you must start with great grapes.  At Deep Sky Vineyard we agree with this and that’s why we’ve invested in technologies that help us navigate the harsh Arizona climate.  Our proprietary precision agriculture solution powered by niolabs, takes data measurements every 6 minutes giving us the ability to:

  • Precisely measure water delivered to each irrigation zone.
  • Have near instant updates of soil moisture and soil temperature at 6 different depths.
  • Set irrigations to achieve specific soil moisture levels at 6 different depths.
  • Measure vine root uptake of soil moisture from each depth so we know when and where to irrigate.
  • Evaluate vine stress based on the calculated amount of available water to the vine.
  • Measure the temperature and humidity difference between the fruit zone and above the vines to evaluate our canopy effectiveness.
  • Measures our wells water depth, recharge rate and pump depth, information which is vital in the Arizona desert.
  • Enable us to incorporate our observations into the platform to make sure the art of farming is never lost

And all this can be performed and managed from anywhere in the world!  Like a lens into an underground world we can watch as water is delivered and then consumed by our vines.  We can see when they are drinking and the effect temperature has on water uptake and by how much.  We can precisely stress the vines to specific levels and then relieve that stress at the right time.

Our goal is to use the insights learned to grow the best grapes, to make the best wine and help Arizona become a world class wine growing region.

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